Featured Services

30 Minute Semi-Private Walks




  • Excellent for the occasional dog walk
  • No commitment
  • Walks to be scheduled prior day by 6:00 pm




  • 17% Savings!
  • 18 Minimum walks per month (M-F)
  • Perfect for daily exercise and consistent routine
  • Consistent Care Specialist if scheduling daily walks




  • 27% Savings!
  • 36 Minimum walks per month (M-F)
  • Ideal for getting 2 walks a day to develop consistency and frequent physical activity
  • Consistent Care Specialist if scheduling daily walks

1. Semi-Private walks are typically two pets, but will never be more than 3 pets. We want to ensure that your pet receives the best love and attention possible.

2. Monthly bundles are charged in advance on the last day of the month for the upcoming month.

3. Additional Dog is $10.

4. Cancellation policy - requires a 24 hour notice to not count against the monthly bundle commitment.

5. Memberships apply to services Monday to Friday from 10:00am - 5:00pm.

6. Pay-As-You-Go Memberships will be subject to an additional $10 per 30 minute walk outside of 10:00am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

7. Relief walk, Puppy walk and Private walk details are available upon request.

8. All services are subject to NYS sales tax of 8.875%